About Us


Stavroula’s recipes are well-known all over the world. The story begins in 1995 when after the born of her 3rd child Stavroula decides that the kids need something healthy and sweet at the same time. She couldn’t use Stevia at that moment because there wasn’t enough studies about the substance and FDA hadn’t approved its use in food.

Finally, in 2011 stevia gets approved by the European Union and become widely known as the sweetest substance on earth.

Stavroula decides to create her own jams with Stevia and sell them locally in Magnesia, Greece.



When the local newspaper ask her if she is doing that only for the money, she reveals her secret ” I want everyone to enjoy jams and learn that the sweet taste can be healthy as well”.

She grows her own fruits in her garden at Trikala, Greece.

Stavroula at her garden
Stavroula's fruits basket
Stavroula’s basket

After years of cooking, the Greek market knows not only her quality products but also wants her to make even more complicated jam flavours. In 2016, Stavroula decides to expand into new markets. Her jams have over 15 different kind of fruits.